News about the company

The Global Brands Magazine awards, among the world’s most recognized branding awards, announced Azerbaijan Industry Insurance Company as the winner of Best Non-Life Insurance Company in Azerbaijan for the year 2016
On December 18th "Azerbaijan Industrial Insurance OJSC" joined to the framework of the Green Card system, which includes the registry of insurers
The authorized capital of Azerbaijan Industry insurance company was raised to 11 000 000 AZN due to the undistributed earnings of the past years
The Tender ,which was held by CBAR for the insurance of the fixed assets ,cash and vehicles insurance (CASCO) of Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic (CBAR) has concluded. On 20 August 2014, Tender Commission announced Azerbaijan Industry Insurance OJSC as the winner of the open tender of vehicles insurance (CASCO).

Record payment

Azerbaijan Industry Insurance Company put a signature to the largest payment in Azerbaijani insurance history on “Construction and Erection Risks Insurance ;. The total amount of payment was 4 900 000 AZN.
Azerbaijan Industry Insurance OJSC made payment in the amount of 2 170 423,13 in the first quarter of 2014. 1 620 000,00 (75%) out of this amount account for construction and erection risks Insurance, 328 532,28 manats (15%) for compulsory third party liability insurance of motor vehicles, 86 409,02 (4%) manats for voluntary health insurance, 67 239,97 (3%) manats for cargo insurance, 28 009,80 (1%) manats for hail insurance of agricultural crops
According to the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on “Insurance activity”, Azerbaijan Industry Insurance Company was issued a perpetual license on February 28, 2014 by Ministry of Taxes of the Azerbaijan Republic for reinsurance activity
Since February 14, 2014 the partnership contract has been signed between State Agency for Citizen’s Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ASAN) and Azerbaijan Industry Insurance
In 2013, Azerbaijan Industry Insurance OJSC made an insurance payment in the amount of 2 811 317 manats. 1 208 730 (43%) out of this amount accounted for the type of compulsory third party liability insurance of motor vehicles, 843 300 (30%) for voluntary health insurance, 506 00 manats (18%) for agricultural crop hail insurance, 140 565 (5%)manats for comprehensive motor insurance, 84 330 manats (3%) manats for type of cargo insurance, the rest 28 392 manats (1%) account for other types of insurance.
On December 29, 2013 Azerbaijan Kyokshinkaykan Karate IKO Matsushima organization held President Cup. Azerbaijan Industry OJSC became the sponsor of that event
"Insurers League - 2013" season that organized among the insurance companies under the organization by Azerbaijan Insurers Association (AIA) was summed up
On October 20-25, the insurance forum was held in the city of Baden Baden of Germany. Traditional insurance forum was attended by dozens of insurance and re-insurance companies around the world. Azerbaijan was represented at the meeting by the management and representatives of State Insurance Supervision Service under the Ministry of Finance (SISSMF), Azerbaijan Insurers Association (AIS), Compulsory Insurance Bureau (CIB) and nearly 15 insurance /reinsurance companies.