Health is the most valuable boon for each person. But, health damage (trauma, disease etc.) may occur while no one expects. At this time, the need arises for medical service, examination and treatment. Along with negative mood by disease and declining of working capacity, medical expenses become an extra burden for people’s budget.

Voluntary health insurance–is the reliable way of solution for expenses incurred regarding the medical services.
Our Company is a reliable partner on Voluntary Medical Insurance. We offer a wide range of medical services with insurance programs beginning from the simplest one. They include:

– Urgent an emergency medical care (7/24),
– Our-patient –polyclinic aid,
– Stationary aid,
– Dental care,
– Childbirth and maternity aid,
– Drug provision,
– Preventive and Medical examination (Chek-Up),
– Vaccination,
– Vitaminization.

Call Center 7/24 organized and supplied with modern equipments in our company by experiences physicians is at your disposal. We cooperate with medical institutions and medical staff meeting modern standards. Referring to experience gained during our activity, we prefer to provide service directed to customer satisfaction and principles of justice.

“Azerbaijan Industry Insurance” OJSC has started to operate since September 1996. A perpetual license was issued on 02.04.2012, by the relevant order of Ministry of Taxes.